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Sponsors of My Horse University (MHU) have a unique opportunity to reach horse enthusiasts. Marketing through online courses means you have participants’ attention for extended periods. The names My Horse University, Michigan State University, and MSU Extension  bring value and credibility to the sponsor. Sponsors have an array of opportunities to promote services and/or products through education for an entire one-year period. Sponsors of premier courses have the opportunity to brand an online course with their logo, having it visible throughout the course which can take up to 20 hours. This beats traditional print, TV, or radio marketing, where a viewer can turn off a sponsor’s short marketing blast.MHU enjoys a trusted and positive connection with our primary target, the female consumer. For women, the horse is a longtime passion that often begins as early as age 3, when girls dream about having this special animal as their very own. This passion for horses and willingness to search for new ways of learning about them online pays off for you. Sponsors get up to 20 hours of intimate direct contact with these horse enthusiasts.Our highest level of sponsorship, the gold sponsorship, can be customized to fit your company’s goals. Below is an example of a gold sponsorship. Gold Sponsorship What you get for sponsoring specific certificate courses

  • Your company or association name and logo will appear on every page of a premier course or short course, giving you up to 20 hours of visibility to participants
  • Four webcasts (each valued at $2,500) to be delivered over a one-year period. Each sponsor may choose an MHU expert or their own expert to be featured in the webcast. All webcasts will be archived and available for future viewing 
  • Name recognition on named course from starting page to ending page with link to sponsor’s site
  • Your company or association will have an entire page linked from the Sponsors page. The information will include your logo, a link to your web site, and your choice of information about your company or association
  • Company or association name, logo and link in all MHU print materials for one year
  • Company or association name, logo and link on all MHU e-newsletters for one year
  • Opportunity to write an informational, not advertorial, article in the MHU e-newsletter
  • Opportunity to provide subject-matter expertise for a section of the named online course. The information must be accurate and based on science, not an advertorial
  • Opportunity to promote your products/services at face-to-face, traditional horse events
  • Opportunity to provide MHU customers with sample products, coupons and promotional material

Webcast Sponsorship Benefits of sponsoring a webcast

  • The name of your company or association will appear in a webcast with one hour of visibility to each participant
  • MHU markets the event for you
  • Your company or association can co-brand and promote the webcast
  • The webcast will be accessible for one year on MHU site
  • A link from MHU to your Web site for one year
  • An opportunity to reach highly motivated horse enthusiasts in an intimate setting

Click here to see MHU's current premier course sponsors Click here to see MHU's current short course sponsors To learn more about how you can become a sponsor, please contact