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Evaluation Conformation: Form to Function

Balance, Structure, Muscling, Quality, Travel, Unsoundesses, Blemishes

Content Expert
Dr. Chris Skelly (Michigan State University)

This short course will introduce you to the aspects of equine conformation that are essential for selecting a horse for performance or breeding.  In addition, common unsoundnesses and blemishes will be discussed.  During this course you will see clips from the My Horse University DVD Understanding Conformation Evaluation in Horses.  In addition, you will view the webcast titled Conformation and Selection of Horses by Dr. Kathy Anderson from the University of Nebraska. Throughout the course there will be activities to ensure that you understand critical points of equine conformation. 

This course was developed with content from our Horse Selection and Evaluation premier course.  Topics in the premier course include:

• Uses and Breeds
• Identification
• Conformation Evaluation
• Unsoundnesses and  Blemishes
• Preparing to Purchase a Horse
• Horse Ownership

You may apply the registration fee for the Evaluating Conformation: Form to Function course toward the cost of the Horse Selection and Evaluation premier course. This will give you a $50 discount on the premier course. To take advantage of this offer, call My Horse University at: 517-353-3123. Eligibility requirements for the discount include 1) successful completion of this course 2) request of the discount within 30 days of completing this course.