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Post-Natal Care

Post-Natal Care is one of four online short courses in the Horse Breeding and Selection Series presented by My Horse University and Horse & Rider magazine. Each short course will take about 1 to 2 hours to complete. In addition to course material, you will have access to an informative webcast given by our equine expert.

The first minutes and hours after a foal's birth are a time of rapid development. As a foal adapts to life outside the womb, the newborn begins to breathe, becomes aware of surroundings and attempts to stand and nurse. Understanding the critical stages of early growth can help you recognize signs of health and normalcy, as well as potential problems.

Course Topics
This course covers the most important factors in raising a foal. The course begins with an overview of what you need to know about the first 48 hours of a foal’s life, including the stages of delivery, respiratory conditions, nursing and how to physically evaluate a foal. You’ll learn about routine health care, foal health problems and behaviors, as well as the nutritional requirements of a growing horse.

Through the course, you’ll have access to a recorded webcast featuring equine expert Dr. Jason Turner from New Mexico State University. Dr. Turner is the author of “Postnatal Care,” in the January 2008 issue of Horse & Rider magazine.

USDF Accreditation
Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn .5 credits through this course. Learn more!

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