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Trail Riding 101

Offered by My Horse University and Equine Network

Equine NetworkMy Horse University

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Trail Riding 101 is an educational experience based on knowledge from equine experts at Michigan Sate University and nationally-recognized equine professionals. This course will help you select the right mount and equipment for the type of trail riding you want to pursue. In addition, you will learn more about feeding and conditioning the trail horse as well as first aid on the trail. The last unit of the course will take you step-by-step from leaving home to riding the trails.

Overview of Topics

  • Trail riding benefits
  • Horse/Equipment selection
  • Nutrition and conditioning
  • First aid on the trail
  • Trailering to the ride
  • Competitive and non-competitive trail rides
  • Trail safety and etiquette
  • Preserving trails

Each unit consists of an overview, informative topics including pictures and short video clips, as well as optional activities. At the end of each unit there are short quizzes, which you may retake if necessary. The on-line portion of this course is estimated to take 3 to 5 hours to complete.

Trail Riding 101FREE Trail Riding Webcast - View the Recording!
My Horse University and Equine Network offered a FREE webcast on the topic of trail riding in October 2009. The webcast is titled, “On the Trail Ride – Best Practices,” and features equine expert Dr. Jenifer Nadeau from the University of Connecticut. The webcast covers best practices for trail riding and participants will discover the benefits of trail riding and what it can teach every horse and rider. View Webcast Recording!