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Course Technical Requirements

My Horse University (MHU) courses require access to an Internet connection. High-speed connection is recommended, but if you have dial-up service, a minimum speed of 56K is recommended. Courses are delivered through ANGEL Learning Management System, which has been tested with and fully supports the following browsers:

  • Windows operating system: Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, Netscape Navigator 7.1 and above
  • Macintosh operating system: Mozilla 1.4 and above

For more information about the technical requirements, please visit ANGEL Help. Is Online Learning for You? Online learning is flexible and convenient for anyone who has access to the Internet and is motivated to learn. More than 3 million college students are enrolled in online learning programs. More than 20 million adults take online classes for work or pleasure. Research shows that online learning is as effective as traditional classroom-based learning. Click here to learn more! Frequent Technical Issues If you have technical questions, such as the question below, please visit MHU's Frequent Technical Issues. Example Question and Answer Q: Why do Web pages take a long time to load? A: The speed at which Web pages are loaded is determined by• the speed of your modem. • the Internet link provided by your Internet service provider. • the amount of Internet "traffic" at the time. • the complexity of the page you are loading. Pages that include large graphics, sound animation or movies take longer to load. Be patient! A minimum speed of 56K is recommended if you have dial-up Internet service.