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Uses, Breeds & Identification of Horses


Uses, Breeds, Identification

Content Expert

Dr. Chris Skelly (Michigan State University)


The short course Uses, Breeds and Identification of Horses offers learners an overview of the North American horses industry.  The United States has, undoubtedly, the most diverse equine industry in the world.  While the U.S. has many unique breeds like the American Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walker and the American Saddlebred, the country is also a melting pot of many breeds from across the globe.   With such diverse choices, it is important for the prospective buyer to have a good idea of how they want to use their horse so that they can select a breed that  best fits their equestrian goals. In the first unit of this course we will discuss the most popular equestrian disiplines and breeds in the United States.

In the second unit we will discuss the different ways to identify a horse starting with the most apparent (colors and markings) and including the most scientific (DNA testing).  Equine identification is important to prevent fraudulent sales as well as theft.  Throughout this course, we will have video clips, extracurricular links, and activities to help enrich and reinforce your learning experience.

This course was developed with content from our Horse Selection and Evaluation premier course.  Topics in the premier course include:

• Uses and Breeds
• Identification
• Conformation Evaluation
• Unsoundnesses and  Blemishes
• Preparing to Purchase a Horse
• Horse Ownership

You may apply the registration fee for the Uses, Breeds, and Identification of Horses short course toward the cost of the Horse Selection and Evaluation premier course. This will give you a $50 discount on the premier course. To take advantage of this offer, call My Horse University at: 517-353-3123. Eligibility requirements for the discount include 1) successful completion of this course 2) request of the discount within 30 days of completing this course. 

USDF Accreditation

Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn .5 credits through this course. Learn more!