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Student Testimonials

My Horse University values the opinions of our students and alumni, and uses feedback to continue striving to create the highest quality online learning experiences. Find out what MHU students and alumni are saying about our program.What People Are Saying About MHU Courses 

  • “This is my very first online course, and I loved it and plan on taking many more… You can never know too much about horses in general and especially your own little mare!” — MHU participant, Michigan
  • “Thank you for a chance to learn in the convenience of my home. The nearest college that offers equine classes is 3 hours away.” — MHU participant
  • “I have a full-time career; I would love to be able to take your entire horse management program via online courses.” — MHU participant
  • “As a new member to MHU, I'm impressed with the initial setup. Thanks for some great course material so far.” — MHU participant, Illinois
  • “Thank you for all of your help. I have completed the course at 100 percent and already requested my certificate. I will definitely be back for another course.” — MHU participant, British Columbia

What People Are Saying About Our Webcasts

  • “I thought [the] presentation by Dr. Skelly was great. This is a great way to reach out to horse people all over and share information. It was fun seeing people from all over the U.S. online together.” — MHU participant, Michigan
  • “I recently watched the Web presentation on equine Cushing's disease by Dr. Hal Schott. Excellent presentation! The information presented there really helped in discussions with my vet today.” — MHU participant, New Jersey